With the world experiencing technological changes every other day, a handy technology called flutter is making rounds in the new millennium era. Flutter is an open-source mobile developer use to build native-looking Android and iOS applications. It is a mobile user interface created by Google and released in 2017. It establishes a native mobile application with one base code only. Two different apps can be formed simultaneously by using one programming language and one codebase. It has made mobile app developers much more comfortable as this programming tool can help create better mobile apps. flutter has two essential parts-

A software development kit (SDK)- this consists of tools that help in developing mobile applications.

Working with flutter requires a programming language called dart. Google created it in 2011 with a scope of improvement year after year. Dart helps with creating mobile and web applications and focuses on front end development. As described by Google, “Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.”

Flutter is among the top 11 software applications based on GitHub stars. It is the only mobile software development kit that offers reactive views without a javascript bridge. With the gaining popularity, Google has recently launched a preview version for the web that has added on to its set of features. Flutter is a big blank canvas that consists of programming, designs, animations, and interactions.

Benefits of flutter

Flutter is an emerging mobile platform and it has done its job as efficiently and smoothly as the native app. The kind of slickness and smoothness that flutter provides has made it an ideal choice for mobile app developers. Let’s look at some of the benefits accruing to flutter.

  • It offers excellent performance as it uses dart to compile native code. Flutter has its widgets, which leads to less communication between the app and the platform. These two features make flutter an ideal choice as it leads to fast app startup times and fewer performance issues.
  • A flexible user interface is easy and flexible to use as its layout is very straightforward and adaptive. While iteration, the user interface changes in front of the user’s eyes in a fraction of a second.
  • Flutter makes use of a cross-platform development tool that uses the same codebase for iOs and Android, which is the best method for saving time and resources.
  • One of the advantages of flutter is the feature of hot reload. Hot reload allows to instantly view the changes applied to the code on hardware, simulators, and emulators. The changes can be filled within seconds while the app is running, and the time in restarting is not wasted. This allows for more straightforward bug fixes, building user interfaces, and adding new features.
  • As flutter comes with its own set of widgets, it results in a fewer compatibility issues. Developers will encounter lesser problems on different OS versions.
  • Flutter involves less code, which means fewer bug issues. The single codebase writes automatic tests only once, and the quality is assured and remains intact. It works well with all platforms- flutter can work not only with mobile platforms but also for web and desktop browsers.
  • It is as effective and smooth as the native app. Flutter is built directly into the machine code that leads to fewer performance bugs during interpretation. It is similar to the native app as it does not rely on any intermediate code interpretation.
  • If you are new to the market and want to show your products to the investors, flutter can be your go-to choice. It is affordable to use flutter to build a mobile app as it does not require two different mobile apps. It requires just one developer to create an MVP. Widgets can be easily used and can be personalized to create a valuable user experience.





Vibeosys Software is a software development company specialized in mobile application development and website development.

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Vibeosys Software

Vibeosys Software

Vibeosys Software is a software development company specialized in mobile application development and website development.

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