Facebook and Whatsapp giving way to becoming social. There is a need to socialize among like-minded people, so is the need to stay connected for work, business or hobbies. There are smaller communities like group of techies, hobby makers, photographers and such others who love to stay connected, chat with each other. Meetups or events are organized, invites are sent, everybody gathers, and disperse within an hour or two.

Social networking is a need of an hour where group shares photos, video calls or audio-video clips, information about news, current trends. People love sharing, commenting, updating profile pics. Members in groups loves to chat one to one or in groups. This trend is here to stay


One of such idea was recently transformed to reality by our team. Socializing among movie goers, hobby makers, players, students has been the part of app and website. When we started discussing about the requirements, it was in concept phase. We discussed, brainstormed it, again discussed and then worked on ideation of the concept. We guided client about social networking and its unwritten rules.

The idea was to create smaller communities who share same hobbies. Hobbies may include anything under sun. These people sharing same hobbies will share videos, photos, chat, comment or share content among other social networking groups. Someone may want to start a new Hobby group and create another small community within same region.

The requirement was to create Hyperlocal community group among people sharing same hobby. App needs to be Agile, Perform much better and Has to be the best among currently running social networking apps. Questions like performance, scalability and user volume was much bigger.


In social networking apps, major concern is about scalability of the app. There can be multiple requests per second, handling the volume is challenge. Technology architects worked hard to jot down the details and designing the modern but light weight system for the app and website. Solution was to provide quick response along with updates.

Our technology team used scalable development platform for developing such complex solution whereas developers used modern NoSQL solution to store volume of data. It was quality tested which includes performance, regression testing, scalability testing for all devices. Effort for QA were lesser compared to other solution as we used TDD during development of solution.


App is gathering popularity. It is recently getting installed and downloaded in multiple countries. Payment gateways are global. This app and website is popular among youngsters and hobby makers.




Vibeosys Software is a software development company specialized in mobile application development and website development.

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Vibeosys Software

Vibeosys Software

Vibeosys Software is a software development company specialized in mobile application development and website development.

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