The world has now, needless to say, entered its online high growth stage. Whatever business, even if they are hardcore brick and mortar, need some kind of online presence. It might not always be about website development. Having a Facebook page or WhatsApp group is synonymous with going digital too.

But, selling online can usually not be restricted to those. Of course, Facebook or Instagram have come up with their own marketplace but the trust factor doesn’t stand strong. And it is not just about selling. Even if one is in any business where they want the world to know about it, an online presence is a must. The higher the trust factor required, the higher the need for a website.

And, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that people have started understanding the importance of having a website. The craze is so much that the first thing a person It is not for nothing that web development has become such a thriving business with millions of ready-made themes lined up for use.

However, how reasonable is the decision for going for a standard template? What benefits does custom website development hold? Why do people go for custom website development in the first place? Why is it that a standard theme-based ready web development not sufficient?

This blog touches on all these questions. So, let us have a look at what does custom website development has to offer.


There are innumerable themes available on the internet and yet there are just a few designs that eventually appeal. Some of these default themes are also just a basic color or pattern change from their other counterparts. In such a case, no theme remains unique. Now, one may say that they would do the website development in such a manner that it looks totally in sync with the brand but can that be achieved in reality?

Custom Website Development

For instance, the neural network-based website models are so common with a lot of technical or technology firms and while they try hard to give it their unique flavor, the background graphics end up giving the same look.

Going for a custom website development on the other hand allows for a brand to create the entire website in tandem with their own brand persona. Also, since the code is written from scratch, upgrading or updating it at any time isn’t as much a concern. And finally, since you have created a custom website, no one else can claim that design ever.


Custom websites are better coded to prevent any kind of hacking attempts or data loss. One major feature that custom website development offers is the disabled right-click option which prevents the website data from being stolen. This functionality isn’t usually available in the standard website themes.

Mobile app monetization

This becomes all the more important for organizations that are in the tech space or work on a heavy content base. While one can also say that people can take screenshots and then copy the data if they want to. Agreeably so but the kind of effort that would thus be involved would significantly lower the probability of someone being interested in the data you had put up on your website Also, a generic website isn’t usually very high on security and in no way can it be guaranteed that the template being used is proprietary of the creator itself.


When you create a website for your business, you always create it from the perspective of your clients. You always take care of what all options they would prefer going to first and model your entire sitemap accordingly. That is why most of the B2C firms go for custom website development. A custom website helps them redirect the users to the pages which would boost their sales by creating a natural flow of options.

Such a functionality need not be available with standard website development themes because they are made for generic use. If one wants to customize them, it would need a lot of effort and time.


As we mentioned above, custom website development allows for better SEO practice integration as well. This is because, once one knows the keywords, the website URL structuring and sitemap creation would be done accordingly. Since the inclusion of a keyword and an SEO friendly sitemap is what the crawlers use to identify the usefulness of the site for the search term, a custom website development provides a significant edge for sure.


Needless to say but no one sticks with a single website design forever. Website development is a standard process to have and a good organization changes its website design at least every three to four years. In such a case, if one keeps building upon the standard web development done earlier, it would be like picking up on the same old piece and working on it.

However, if a custom website development has been done, the coding pattern could be changed faster and way lesser costs. Plus, the plugins would not have to be installed again from scratch saving some more on the budgetary part.

Now, while we have listed out the major points and made a strong case for why one should go for a custom website development if they are in the business of a pretty dynamic nature, there are some Yays and Nays of custom website development one should be very clear on. Some of these would be

  • A custom website development lets you have a designated administrative panel if you want to integrate it for a mobile app. Something, standard website development themes do not provide
  • Through custom website development, one can get access to the backend reporting dashboards too, again a functionality not available with standard themes. Basically, any kind of backend analytics can be easily added to a custom website.
  • One should never confuse a custom website development with a content management system like WordPress. Hence, it wouldn’t be as easy to use. However, the way a sudden WordPress or other CMS update distorts the website design, that wouldn’t happen either
  • A custom website creation offers you the option to expand it across multiple geographies as well. All that needs to be done is to get a domain.

Hope this article helped you understand the importance of not just website development but also why it is the right step to go for custom website development. Should there be any questions still, we are just a call away!


Let us know about your website development requirement. We are experienced in developing business websites, travel websites, E-commerce websites, or Health/Fitness websites. Our experts will contact you for desired information and your website will be ready. Our Technology team will guide you with the best suitable advice.

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Originally published at on January 6, 2020




Vibeosys Software is a software development company specialized in mobile application development and website development.

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Vibeosys Software

Vibeosys Software

Vibeosys Software is a software development company specialized in mobile application development and website development.

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